Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday a friend asked me to post a story so here it is.

I inherited 10 beautiful champagne flutes that were my great grandmother's.
There is some monetary valuation attached to them,
but for me their true value lies in being their care giver
and using them as my family did well over
100 years ago.

A good friend was in need of some champagne flutes,
and so I lent a few out.

One broke.

For a brief moment when he told me, I was upset.
Then it went away as quickly as it came.

I am a true believer that experiences are more important
than objects.

The HF is not so much about food as it is about entertaining,
and suggestions on ways to comfortably have friends come over.
For me a party can be a paper cup filled
with something as long as there is good conversation and laughter.

As fussy as I can be about my home, there are scratches and marks on furniture
that occurred here over the years due to one event or another.
In truth, they make me smile as I remember what caused them.

So, that's my story. For me, it's so much nicer to have perfectly
matched friendships as opposed to crystal or china.