Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As mentioned, I am in real estate sales with Devlin McNiff Halstead Property
in East Hampton, NY.

It's a curious thing, but there are certain aspects of properties that are
what I call universals. Meaning, everyone responds positively.

Porches are one of those universals.

Mine multi-tasks.

The porch transforms it self from a bar, to a breakfast room, and at times a den
when one of the TV's are placed there. 

It's main function is to act as the dining room to my small residence.

My porch is heated and allows me to have dinner parties for
as many as 10 comfortably year round.

If you are thinking of doing some renovating or expansion to your home,
consider a porch.

Most of us have fond memories from hanging out on someone's as a child
or as an adult.

Believe me, you'll hear "aaahhhh I love porches. I wish I had one".

I'm glad I do.

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