Monday, March 26, 2012


I am going to Manhattan Beach, California for a few days.
I recently wrote about the dinner party my friend and I
would be giving. Well, I realized half of my 4 day
visit would be devoted to food shopping and cooking
so an email was sent out explaining we will probably have
"delivered cuisine".

Now, some of you who know me are rolling your eyes.....
She's done it again just like the not happening
New Year's dinner I had posted.

Well, the next hurdle is the upcoming Easter weekend luncheon.

Not looking too promising.

The dinner was to be some what on the semi formal side with a fresh ham.
I wrote about that as well. Hhhmmmmm. I see a trend.
Perhaps writing is more fun than doing.

I've started to think about pulled pork and sliders.
I did write about my pulled pork so now you will see it.

I have just decided what my Easter menu will be.

I will make it and photograph it. This time I'm going all the way.

But, just to be safe maybe I'll check to see
if Chinese food delivery will be available that day.

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